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Hot Products: Magewell

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Magewell的新 导演迷你 一体化的, portable production solution combines multi-输入开关, 图形, 流媒体, recording and monitoring in one compact device. It enables a single operator to easily create visually compelling productions for live event coverage, remote production feeds and more.

导演迷你 offers a unique combination of input source flexibility and feature richness in a versatile form factor.
Users can switch between two HDMI inputs and two USB AV inputs as well as three simultaneous live IP sources including SRT streams, RTMP streams or up to two NDI® HX来源. File-based media including video, audio and images can also be combined freely with live sources. Embedded audio is supported alongside a 3.5mm模拟音频输入.


Intuitive Touchscreen Interface and Companion App

导演迷你’s intuitive user interface is accessed through its integrated 5.44英寸AMOLED触摸屏. Users can define multiple scenes that combine live HDMI, USB and audio inputs with network streams, media sources and 图形, then switch or transition between these scenes on the fly. Chroma keying enables the use of virtual backgrounds, while telestration enables real-time on-screen drawing and combines with built-in scoreboard functionality for sports productions. Integrated PTZ camera control simplifies single-operator productions.

导演迷你’s touchscreen interface is complemented by the Director Utility iOS and Android apps, which provide remote configuration, 输入开关, scoreboard control and more. The Director Utility app can also turn the smartphone’s camera into a 流媒体 source as a mobile input to the 导演迷你 hardware, further expanding its multi-camera production possibilities.


导演迷你 can encode video up to 1080p60 and bitrates up to 30Mbps, with a flexible array of output possibilities. Productions can be streamed via RTMP to popular platforms such as YouTube™ Live, Facebook™ Live or custom destinations. Live comments can be displayed while 流媒体 to YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. The ability to output an SRT stream makes 导演迷你 ideal for contributing high-quality feeds to an off-site location for remote production. Alternatively, the device can create one NDI® HX output to serve as a source for additional IP-based production tools.

Content can also be recorded to an SD card, USB flash drive or the device’s internal storage. 最后, Its USB-C port can be configured to display the program output, user interface or a loop-through of either HDMI input on a connected USB-C display.

紧凑 导演迷你 hardware is camera-mountable and can be operated in horizontal or vertical orientation. The device can be powered with the included power adapter but also supports two NP-F hot-swappable external batteries (not included), enabling uninterrupted power for long productions.

Magewell solutions are distributed in North America and South America by 手机视频 Devices (MVD).

MAGEWELL.com | sales@magewell.com | 电话:610-921-5720

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